Marcus Hiles Proud Of Charitable Land Contribution To Create Parks

Sustainability, along with environmental stewardship and building a healthy lifestyle, continue to be important components of open green areas in any community. As a residential developers in the Dallas area, Marcus Hiles is honored to be able to contribute land for community parks and provide the much-needed areas for outdoor recreation spaces. Trees, plants and wildlife remain essential for life and allow families, couples and individuals a place for reflection. These spots can only grow through the generous work and dedication of people and businesses, including Hiles, devoted to eco-friendly design.

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Marcus Hiles Spearheads Community Parks Development

The condition of any green area should advocate sustenance, environmental protection, and the healthy lifestyle to the residents. For Marcus Hiles, the developer of residential areas in Dallas, find pleasure in providing land to the community in order to build parks and recreational areas for public use. For the residents to be enjoy their day offs and time for relaxation, trees, plants ,, and wildlife would help improve the quality of life in their community. Businesses such as Hiles, people who are eco enthusiasts, and those who work for the community help make these places flourish.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Massive Economic Growth In Houston Area

The most obvious marker of an economic turnaround, notes Marcus Hiles, is the Greater Houston Partnership’s forecast that the region will create 29,700 jobs in 2017, nearly twice the amount of 2016. In addition to the energy industry’s growth, two other major elements of the city’s economy – the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest, along with the Port of Houston – are both thriving. “As healthcare becomes more important in society and the economy, we’ll continue to see growth,” explained regional economist Patrick Janikowski. In 2017 the sector is expected to produce 9,800 new jobs, accounting for nearly 30 percent of the state’s growth. Positive outlooks for 2017, even among employers, are more common than they have been in years. In a new report from Houston based recruiting firm Murray Resources, 7.7 percent of firms predict they will make significant hires this year, the highest amount since 2013, before the downturn in oil costs.

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Marcus Hiles – More Than 3 Decades Of Continuous Growth

Marcus Hiles and his company Western Rim Property Services have been in the real estate business for over 30 years. They have been satisfying the demand for luxurious properties maintaining a reasonable price. Jogging and golf courses, innovative technology and fitness centers are some of the amenities Marcus Hiles offers to his clients for reasonable prices. Even though these properties are located in great urban areas of Texas, he manages to keep a luxurious setting with high class amenities for an affordable price. The real estate market as it is needs more people like Marcus Hiles. Find out why on: http://markets. investplace/news/read/ 33692967/Marcus_Hiles_