Marcus Hiles – Encourages all of America to Implement Texas Positive Growth Strategies

If the lone star state were a country, it might just have the world’s twelfth largest gross domestic product (GDP). Real estate expert and Texas entrepreneur, Marcus Hiles believes the state’s achievement is because of its pledge to reduce spending and government regulation. The successful implementation encourages other states to follow Texas’ lead. Over the past ten years, Texas has created an atmosphere for commerce and people to flourish. Mr. Hiles notes. “There is no corporate or personal income tax in Texas, and during each session, the Legislature curbs spending growth.” Read More:—-encourages-everyone-to-follow-texas-pro-growth-policies-2016-06-24

Marcus Hiles – On Importance of Texas Pro-Growth Policies


Marcus Hiles - On Importance of Texas Pro-Growth Policies
Marcus Hiles – On Importance of Texas Pro-Growth Policies

Having the gross domestic product (GDP) of USD 1,414 trillion, Texas can be a true role model for many countries across the globe. If it were a sovereign nation, it would be the world’s twelfth largest economy, by GDP. Dallas-based property investor and real estate developer Marcus Hiles ascribes the Lone Star state’s impressive economic portfolio to its continuous commitment to pursuing policies and strategies to reduce government regulation and loosen spending, as he urges other states to apply Texas’s admirable practices within the context of their own economy. “Over the course of past decade, the government has built a highly advantageous framework for both businesses and individuals to succeed in Texas. “We do not have any corporate tax that would scare large business entities,” says Hiles, “and we do not tax individual income, either.”Hiles reiterates that the Texas Legislature continually cuts spending growth each time during its regular sessions.

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