Marcus Hiles On His Special Care For The Environment

Many homes are built throughout the country and there aren’t many innovative ideas or clear goals about the future of real estate. However, Marcus Hiles is planning on increasing the care for the environment while finding the best units in the United States for his customers. 2500 trees planted by Hiles each year will remove around 75 tons of carbon dioxide and make those units a healthier place to live. Not only that, but trees Hiles donated will become more and more productive as years go by and in ten years, those trees will remove 600 tons of carbon dioxide per year. More about this here:

Marcus Hiles Spearheads Community Parks Development

The condition of any green area should advocate sustenance, environmental protection, and the healthy lifestyle to the residents. For Marcus Hiles, the developer of residential areas in Dallas, find pleasure in providing land to the community in order to build parks and recreational areas for public use. For the residents to be enjoy their day offs and time for relaxation, trees, plants ,, and wildlife would help improve the quality of life in their community. Businesses such as Hiles, people who are eco enthusiasts, and those who work for the community help make these places flourish.

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Marcus Hiles Offers Options For Millennial Residents Across Texas

Trends in the property market are most noticeable during periods of population increases and economic prosperity at the state and municipal level, explains Marcus Hiles. Luxury rental markets grew regionally in 2015, with recent data from the Department of Labor concluding that Dallas experienced labor force expansion above 3.75 million, maintaining one of the lowest unemployment rates in the U.S. — finishing 2016 at 3.5%. Texas witnessed more than 69,000 new apartments built in 2016, largely within the big four cities.

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Marcus Hiles Courts Success

Western Rim Property Services has fast become the market leaders for developing state-of-the-art, luxury apartments and superbly-designed residential communities in the state of Texas. The Grand Estates at McKinney is the latest development to be added to its ever-growing portfolio.Their latest project is indicative of all they have achieved over the past few years perfectly encapsulates CEO, Marcus Hiles’ vision of environmentally-friendly and scenic rural living. The Grand Estates at McKinney are another sophisticated feat for the Texan-based company, and offers us a glimpse in to everything that makes the company so unique.

 Marcus Hiles is no stranger to success. His defining philosophy is choosing the ideal  location of his developments as key to making the residents feel they have chosen the right home. The residential community is located in McKinney, Northern Texas, which was voted by Money Magazine in 2012 as the second best place to live in America. It is an historic town, centered around beautifully restored 19th century housing, and providing a stunning background to a vibrant and prosperous town with excellent restaurants and retail services.

What also makes these properties so special is the members-only community that the developments promise. It brings together like-minded people with a taste for sophistication and cultured design. Integral to the social community is the clubhouse that offers the perfect opportunity for the community to celebrate birthdays and other events with other residents. The center also features a large television, perfect for watching those big sporting events. The playground and activity center gives a chance for families to meet one another and watch their children grow together in a safe and pleasant environment.

Indeed, Marcus Hiles provides custom houses to the people of Texas. All the fixtures are naturally of the highest specification- from granite work and bathroom services to marble floored entrance hallways. The appliances are all of stainless steel Whirlpool design and the bathrooms tiled with the finest porcelain. What you have at The Grand Estates at McKinney is an embodiment of everything the company wish to present- class, elegance, luxury, sustainability, a sense of community and resort-like facilities to make you feel relaxed at all times.